Direct to Garment Printing, or DTG printing, refers to the method of using an inkjet printer to print directly on garments, primarily t-shirts using CMYK inks and white when printing on dark color garments. The primary advantage of direct to garment printing is the ability to produce one-offs and small production runs without the setup costs associated with other methods, such as screen printing.

The garments are then heat cured and the ink is permanent. The print makes for a soft hand, which is different than our regular screen printing using plastisol.

Ideal for Many Business Applications:

  • Great Alternative to screen printing

  • Variable graphics, and text printing

  • One-offs, short runs or production runs

  • Corporate, promotional, and team shirts

  • Special event shirts

  • Prints on light & dark t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts

  • Designed to print a range of sizes from infant-wear to the largest adult sizes


Since the DTG printer is as precise as…well…a printer, you’re able to print images in much higher detail than screen printing, and you’re not limited in color. Because the printer can print any image, customization is simple. This is also a good option for those who don’t have a lot of money to make an up-front investment for a large batch because each t-shirt can be ordered separately. Single colors, like black, look great on various colored Ts as well.